Mikey - Jaco Dukes

This shortfilm tells the story of Philip, a man deeply in love with a wannabe singer, driven by obsession to built the most magnificent gift imagined to win her heart.

Mikey - Jaco Dukes
Mikey - Jaco Dukes
Mikey - Jaco Dukes

Year of production: 2013

Genres: Drama

Countries: USA, Chile

Languages: English

Duration: 18 mn

Director(s): Jaco Dukes

Writer(s): Jaco Dukes

Cast: Joshua Adkins, Ioanna Meli, Renee Brewster, Derrel Maury

Producer(s): Jaco Dukes, Julia Ibarra, Edrei Hutson, 

Director Of Photography: Tetsuya Miyashita